American Broom Shop -- Tonasket, Washington

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Handmade Brooms, whisks, traditional besoms, and beeswax candles.

We have a strong passion for brooms - creating them, learning about them, and using them. Each broom we offer is built by hand using 1800's methods borrowed from the Shakers. In our small workshop in the Okanogan Highlands, we weave them one at a time. Every broom is unique, and designed to last for many years. Our ambition is to offer brooms of the finest craftsmanship -- and give each one our personal guarantee of quality.

These are brooms made from 100% North American broomcorn, which will provide many years of service when given proper care. Hanging your broom will keep it looking amazing between uses, and it will allow the fibers to dry after sweeping a damp porch.

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