Finally these!  Rustic woven kitchen brooms are back in our shop!  After giving my rickety frame a little time for healing, it was so nice to be back weaving brooms again.  This is a good time of year to stay close to the woodstove, and it just so happens my tying bench is right there, where my bones can soak up the heat.   I'm very glad to not be working in the cold rain and snow, like I did for many years.  Working in the shop ain't bad at all! 
We have constant sources of entertainment as we work, which keeps us happy and motivated.  There's always music playing - folk, bluegrass, jazz, and Americana type stuff.  It has to be mellow enough to keep us mellow.  That's the key to quality, I think.  As a craftsperson, you want to be relaxed and never rushed.  We feed the deer outside, and often they bed down where we can see them from the windows.  It may snow, and we get to watch the weather.  This year we added bird feeders, however most of our visitors are hungry squirrels, packing away seeds for later.  We did have 1 pair of red breasted nuthatches come to our station.  They took some seeds and a little suet, and really seemed to like it.  We really enjoyed their visit.
At the end of the day, I hope to have a few new things to look at -- like these three brooms.  The finished product has always been my biggest joy.  I like to step back and look at a broom from a distance.  Make sure it is saying what I wanted it to say.  If the form is right, and the proportions are good - it always makes me smile.  And if a man can smile at the end of a long day, then what more could he want? 

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