Whisks - Brushes - Dustpans

Handsome and functional tools for the household.  Unique, eco-friendly designs.  Whisks, brushes, and shop crafted dustpans.


Woven Shaker Whisk Broom - American Broom Shop
In stock and ready to Ship. Use this whisk for 20 years, then pass it on to your kids. Beautifully natural, our flat sewn shakers wisks are great to keep in a car, rv, or next to the fireplace. Made...
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Broomcorn Pot Scrubbers - Single Pot Scrubber - American Broom Shop
Handcrafted Quality. Free Shipping with $125 Purchase. In stock & ready to ship. You will receive one scrubber. Old fashioned broomcorn pot scrubbers! Great for cleaning vegetables, cast iron pans, or dishes. Made from 100% natural broomcorn. About 5" long....
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Polissoir Beeswax Polishing Tool - 2 Pack - American Broom Shop
Ready to Ship.  You will receive two polissior polishing tools. Polissoir Beeswax Polishing Tool - 2 Pack  You will receive two woven broomcorn polissoirs. A tool for applying French beeswax finish to furniture and other woodworking project.  Our polissiors are bound very...
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