Custom Rustic Corn Brooms.

Turkey wing clean up kit, with our non-plastic dust pan.

Double diamond willow.

Round sewn besoms with natural handles.

American homestead Collection. Premium woven house brooms.

Pioneer fireplace brooms. Hearth broom with character.

One-of-a-kind hearth brooms look great by the fireplace.

Shaker floor broom. Great for porches and floors.

2 ounce pure beeswax votives made in our shop.

Pure beeswax settler's candles. Hand dipped in our shop!

Beeswax taper candles fresh dipped.

Pure beeswax tealights. A warm glow for a gray day.

Our beeswax candles burn effortlessly without drips.

"Baking" up a fresh batch of pure beeswax tea lights.

Blocks of raw beeswax. All natural and non-toxic.

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