Removing clutter and ridding households of plastic contraptions is a movement which is gaining a lot of momentum today.  We hear our patrons describe the ways they are cleaning up their lives by bringing back simple, natural, and pure elements into their homes.  Out with the bad, so we can relax and breathe.

The Shakers knew.  Their form-follows-function tool designs didn't infect the living space with bad vibes -- rather, they blended in adding peace and beauty to their surroundings.  No plastic.  No artificial colors.  Nothing fancy.  Just pure functionality, honesty, and silence for the living space, where they were hung and admired between uses.

Shaker Kitchen Broom

Shaker Style Kitchen Broom - Shaker Authentic 1878

The Shakers are credited with an amazing list of inventions we still use today.  The circular saw was invented by an early American Shaker woman named Sarah Babbit, who was trying to come up with a way to help men saw wood more efficiently.  The Improved Washing Machine, condensed milk, wood burning stoves, farm implements, and flat-sewn corn brooms - all were invented by the Shakers out of necessity.

Shaker Style Dustpan - Designed and Handcrafted at American Broom Shop

This year we will pay full compliment to the Shakers, by dedicating more of our time creating and offering designs in the Shaker Style.  If you are a minimilist, we will be happy to outfit you.  If you are smothering in plastics, we will help free you up.  We can't go back to 1878, but we can easily change our ways. 

 And it will be fun! -Kevin