A lot of times we say these two words: Functional. Art.  We say it because we hope it summarizes our brooms, without getting too hoity-toity.  But what does this catchy sounding phrase really mean?  And can some utilitarian object such as a broom be so entitled?    

Functional: performing or able to perform a regular function.

Art:  Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

A broom makers hammer.

We have tools in our shop made mostly of iron and wood that bring me sincere joy while I'm at work.  To name just one, I would pull out my favority broom hammer, made from steel, bronze, and maple.  The hammer is made for whacking broomcorn tightly against a wood handle, a simple task, that it performs quite well.  But there's more to the broom hammer than just that.  When I reach over and heft it in my hand, this particular tool gives me goosebumps.  It is balanced.  Fits my palm just perfectly -- and it really does the job when I swing it.  All the while, looking so beautiful on the workbench, waiting for when I next put it to use.  You have to love a tool like this, when everything feels just right.  

Woven brooms functional and aesthetic tools

Today we will sort the corn for a new batch of woven kitchen brooms.  Each one will be given some of our heart and soul, imagination, and skill.  We hope you will embrace how functional it is, when you get it.  We hope you like how it fits in your hand.  How it sweeps.  And how it hangs on the wall.

And when you sweep, we hope everything feels just right.

New woven porch and kitchen brooms