In the broom shop, there is a whole lot of cutting going on.  One guy building brooms can make a mess in a hurry.  We trim handfuls of broomcorn as we add layers to the brooms, and the scraps fall to the floor.  Since broomcorn is so tough, it is difficult to cut without a very sharp knife.  This is my favorite knife.  It is specially designed for broom making -- called a corn knife.  It has a real thin blade, which we sharpen with a rough file to hone aggressive teeth into the cutting edge. So it's more like a saw than a knife.  The handle is round, so it fits in the palm really nice.  There is a leather guard to protect the hand.  This knife was made by Dexter Russell, who makes specialty knives of all types.There's really no substitute for good hand tools.  If you treat them right, they take care of you.  This knife even has a rounded tip, so we don't stab ourselves.  That's the point!  -Kevin Our handmade brooms and pure beeswax candles are available year-round in ourbroom shop. Be sure to like us on Facebook! You can also find us on Etsy